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Filamentous Fungal Gene Expression Database

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Experiment ID
Experiment Name
Public Date
Date Submitted
247Fusarium graminearum histone mutants transcriptomeTranscriptome profiling of F. graminearum PH1 strain wild type, HOS2, HMT1, HP1, RPD3 mutants growing on complete medium.Li Guo2015-11-102015-09-24
246Fusarium graminearum nutrient starvation transcriptomeTranscriptome profiling of F. graminearum PH1 growing on complete medium, nitrogen and carbon depletion medium.Li Guo2015-11-022015-09-08
244KO Nop1 v. WT presexual development5 day vs. 6 day comparison gene expression in WT vs. NOP1 KOCassandra Kontur2015-12-112015-03-11
243nop-1vs WT protoperithecia genome wide expression profile5-day and 6-day cultures on SCM were sampled for RNAs and compared between nop-1 and wild type. Nop-1 KO strains showed an earlier protoperithecia development under constant light condition.Cassandra Kontur2015-11-112015-03-11
242Fusarium verticillioides fac1 and cpk1 mutant transcriptomeTranscriptome profiling of Fusarium verticillioides 7600 wild type, fac1(adenylate cyclase) and cpk1(catalytic subunit of protein kinase A) growing on complete mediumLi Guo2015-03-162014-12-08
241Fusarium graminearum fac1 and cpk1 mutant transcriptomeTranscriptome profiling of F. graminearum PH1 wild type, fac1 (adenylate cyclase) and cpk1 (catalytic subunit of protein kianse A) deletion mutant growing on complete mediumLi Guo2015-03-162014-12-08
240Perithecial development in two Fusarium speciesRNAs were sampled and compared from 5 development stages across perithecial development for Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticillioides.Zheng Wang2014-07-302014-07-30
239comparison of sexual development among three Neurospora speciesRNAs were collected from eight sexual stages, including 0h, 2h, 24h, 48h, 72h, 96h, 120h, 144h after crossing, for three Neurospora species N. crassa, N. tetrasperma, and N. discretaZheng Wang2014-06-172014-06-17
238Fusarium species perithecial developmentRNAs sampled from 6 stages of F. graminearum and F. verticillioides perithecial development and sequenced.Frances Trail2013-11-182013-11-18
237green light sensor asexual developmentunderstanding genome wide expression changes in KO of orp-1 and nop-1Zheng Wang2015-08-012013-08-02
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Gene ID Experiment ID Experiment Name Result File Expression Details Expression Figure
ZWF159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1.36304(1.3341,1.3938646)
SC: 1(0.9691363,1.0292274)
ZUO159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1.02838(0.9527639,1.1099674)
SC: 1(0.9183952,1.0765626)
ZTA159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1(0.86357,1.150212)
SC: 1.49034(1.341331,1.628387)
ZRT259Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1.24643(1.1889509,1.3085638)
SC: 1(0.9379943,1.0578225)
ZRT159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 2.38206(2.3515244,2.41102)
SC: 1(0.971113,1.0306802)
ZRG859Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 2.14182(1.94707,2.336891)
SC: 1(0.805077,1.195997)
ZRG1759Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1.32386(1.2431974,1.4004436)
SC: 1(0.9234084,1.0807726)
ZRC159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 2.35164(2.2741768,2.419899)
SC: 1(0.9316973,1.0786695)
ZPR159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1.6008(1.5147778,1.6851604)
SC: 1(0.9159376,1.0864668)
ZMS159Test LOXlox-output.gpr
MM: 1(0.9582038,1.040331)
SC: 1.04448(1.0042415,1.0864424)